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Joseph Bennett
Joseph Bennett

Die Siedler Aufbruch Der Kulturen Cd 19

once a building is complete, it starts to produce resources. players can build different types of structures that will produce resources as they are built, such as harvesting food, wood, leather, and stone. the number of resources produced depends on what type of building it is. additionally, different types of structures can only be built on certain tiles. every type of resource is gathered by a collection point. the collection points also produce coins for the player. every type of resource requires a different amount of coins. for example, a single bronze coin is required to build a house or tree, but copper coins to build a road. the number of coins required to build the object can be determined before construction of the object. the player has to multiply the total number of resources necessary for the object by the amount of coins needed to produce that type of resource.

Die Siedler Aufbruch Der Kulturen Cd 19

the amount of resources available is determined by the number of tiles available in the player's settlement. as the player is expanding, more tiles will appear, providing a supply of resources to the player.

each of the four main aspects of gameplay is important in the game, but each is only as strong as the others. to build houses, the player must mine for resources. to expand the player's territory, the player must either conquer a nearby tile or build a military complex. to gather resources, the player must build harvesting stations. and to produce money, the player must build storehouses.

the player can acquire additional settlers from allied countries. to do so, the player must invest in diplomatic embassies. as a diplomatic agent, the player must visit a country and convince the country's leader to allow the player's settlers to settle in his country.

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