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Joseph Bennett
Joseph Bennett

Easybcd 22 Portable [EXCLUSIVE]

Funny you should ask that question - I have a need for something like this right now - I have a users computer that full HDD encryption is required by law to be on, and the encryption software hosed the BCD - luckily I had a winPE CD to boot to to run the actual repair - however, a nice portable GUI would be nice - especially to be able to boot with winPE, plug in a USB and then edit the BCD or be able to manipulate it to remove the suspect partitions that are causing my issues.

Easybcd 22 Portable

Slax Linux is one of the best Distro that can be installed on a USB drive for portable usage. Just plugin its bootable Flash drive in any old or modern PC, Server, or Laptop hardware to boot and start having the access to a beautiful graphical user interface.

Visit the official website of Slax and then scroll down, where you will find both 32-bit and 64-bit ISO files of this portable Linux distro. Download the one as per your requirement. Here we are downloading 64-bit, however, if you want to run it on all systems, I mean including the old computer systems then get 32-bit, however, all modern systems can support the 64-bit version.

Run Slax (Keep changes persistent): If you want to save the changes and files you created during the Slax usage select this option. And next time you will restart, you have to select it every time to get the data you changed during your last usage with this portable Linux.

Today, here give you a free version of this amazing application suited to be included in your portable computing toolbox, called uDPixels portable. You'll need to download uDPixels portable from their website, install it and then let it scan and fix all the errors that are inside your PC, including the likes of blue screen, flickering, slow computer speed and lots more. It will also fix a lot of corrupted files inside your system which are causing your PC and this app to have problems (most notably with the likes of blue screen, computer freeze, random reboots, etc). It can be used by simply downloading the free program, installing it and letting it scan & fix any of the damaged/corrupted files inside your system. If you want to know more about the features of uDPixels portable, visit my blog where I have written some articles about the application and its improvements.

To use uDPixels, you first need to download the latest uDPixels portable vista compatible from up. Then, launch uDPixels and allow it to scan & fix any of the damaged/corrupted files in your computer. If you want to speed up your PC, let uDPixels scan your PC and fix any of the errors that are inside. The good thing about uDPixels is that it's very cheap and it has a very simple & easy to use interface. If you want to find out more about uDPixels and how it works, check out my blog for a further description of the application as well as its benefits.

NTLDR, which is an abbreviation form of NT loader, works as the boot loader for all releases of Windows NT operating systems, including Windows 10. NTLDR is typically run from the primary hard disk drive and it can also run from portable storage devices like USB flash drive, CD-ROM, etc. NT loader also can load a non-NT-based OS with the appropriate boot sector in a file.

NTLDR (an abbreviation of NT loader) is the boot loader for all releases of Windows NT operating system up to and including Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. NTLDR is usually located in the primary HDD/SSD, but it can also run from portable storage devices such as a CD-ROM, USB flash drive, or floppy disk.

Using the disk imaging function of the backup software (essentially "diskcopy" the HD/SSD) was a non-starter, literally. I finally made a backup of my desktop's SSD to a third drive (a portable SSD in this case) and then restored the backup to the Optiplex 7060 USFF's SSD. Success! The 7060 booted from its own SSD, and presented me with my usual working desktop view. I've since removed many gigabytes of software that will remain on my "heavy work" desktop, but not on this smaller desktop that I have been using for daily driver tasks such as emailing, light document creation, and of course web surfing. 350c69d7ab

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