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Joseph Bennett
Joseph Bennett

Jenny 9yo Blowjob | Tested

My daughter accused me of raping her almost every day for 2.5 years she made this statement after being caught with alcohol at schoolNow she has several issues in a school fighting skipping school exc.They took her statement as trueChildren services did 0 investigation on meAfter she did a recorded interview they removed her and my 17 year old son from my custodyNow we have a hearing coming upI court gave me visitation to see my son but a no contact order with my daughter and I do understand why.But it has been 30 day no visit with my sonAnd the case worker has done nothing but lieThe place my son in a home where both parent are convicted fellons of violent crimes they use drugs3 weeks after being there my son wants to die so I rush him to the E R he is tested positive for weed and cocaine I take him home he sleeps for 16 hoursCops come with children services arrest me and children services wants charges pressed they tell the police there is a no contact orderFor once police do there job and found out that was a lie no such order existWhile I was under arrest they search my home without a warrant and break a access ladder to the attic while the cuffs are on me they are on so tight my hands are turning blue and brushed also the cop turned the heat on its 75 outside and sunnyI sit in the police car for 30 mins like thisNow I feel my civil right have been violated and a smear campaign by children servicesAny body that has any advise would be greatly appreciated my name is Scott and I am Innocent by the way

jenny 9yo blowjob | tested


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