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Grupa Twój Zdrowy Ruch

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Joseph Bennett
Joseph Bennett

Hot Babes Small Tits

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hot babes small tits

Now hear me out : I have pretty small boobs (don't we all here ahahah) but they're also very spaced one from the other, like I have this *huge* gap between them, it has always been so hard for me to find bras or swimsuits because of it. The Tori top not only recenters them, thanks to the front tying thing, but also has NO GAP between the top of my breasts and the swimsuit. Honestly they fit so well it felt weird at first, I was looking for a catch or something that would ruin it but nope, turns out it's just perfect. I'm so so so glad I bought them, they fit me so nicely and make me feel more comfortable about my boobies. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this, and to every customer that is still hesitating : GO FOR ITTTT I promise you won't regret it

At LOU Swim, we have first-hand experience in knowing what makes the best swimwear for small boobs. Our padded swimwear provides natural lift without any awkward gaps or uncomfortable cups. With our seamless and smooth designs, women with small boobs can finally find sustainable swimwear they love.

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