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Isaac Grosof, Naifeng Zhang, and Marijn J.H. Heule (2022). Towards the shortest DRAT proof of the Pigeonhole Principle. To appear in Pragmatics of Satisfiability - PoS 2022. [preprint]

DER SPIEGEL 2022 50 pdf

Health care costs in retirement can be considerable and may not necessarily be a salient issue for workers. To project how much Medicare beneficiaries may need to save to have a reasonable chance of meeting their health care spending requirements in retirement, the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) built a simulation model allowing for uncertainty due to mortality and rates of return on assets in retirement. EBRI has improved on previous iterations of this simulation model by incorporating recent changes to Medicare Part D enacted by the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 and testing varying assumptions about Medicare Advantage and Medigap plans that Medicare beneficiaries may purchase.

The FAO Meat Price Index* averaged 112.0 points in February, fractionally lower (0.1 points and 0.1 percent) from January and standing 1.9 points (1.7 percent) below its value a year ago. In February, international poultry meat prices fell for the eighth consecutive month, reflecting abundant global supplies compared to softer import demand, notwithstanding avian influenza outbreaks in several leading producer countries. By contrast, international pig meat prices increased, underpinned by market concerns over the low availability of slaughter-ready hogs amid rising internal demand in Europe. Meanwhile, bovine meat prices were stable, following continuous declines since June 2022, as improved import purchases, especially from North Asia, led global demand to balance relatively well with current supplies. International ovine meat prices also remained broadly unchanged, as global demand was adequate to absorb elevated supplies from Australia.

The FAO Sugar Price Index averaged 124.9 points in February, up 8.1 points (6.9 percent) from January, reaching the highest level since February 2017. The February rebound was mostly related to the downward revision to the 2022/23 sugar production forecast in India, which dampened export prospects for the current season. Concerns over lower export availabilities from India amid strong global import demand lent additional support to world sugar prices. However, the good harvest progress in Thailand and abundant precipitation in the key growing areas of Brazil prevented a larger monthly price increase. The decline in international crude oil price quotations and ethanol prices in Brazil also contributed to limit the upward pressure on world sugar prices.

Sachs, J., Lafortune, G., Kroll, C., Fuller, G., Woelm, F. (2022). From Crisis to Sustainable Development: the SDGs as Roadmap to 2030 and Beyond. Sustainable Development Report 2022. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

The SDR 2022 combines data and analyses produced by international organizations, civil society organizations, and research centers. We thank all of these for their contributions and collaboration in producing the report, including during the annual public consultation process that took place in March and April 2022. 041b061a72

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