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Buy Teacher Supplies

We don't like to brag, but our selection of teacher supplies is so stellar that you can consider us your trusty supply closet. Find school supplies, classroom decorations and discount teaching supplies at our best in class pricing!

buy teacher supplies

Rather than shopping at brick-and-mortar teacher supply stores trying to find the right picks, enjoy the simple convenience of buying teaching supplies from Oriental Trading instead. We understand how lesson planning is a time-consuming task, and we offer classroom supplies for teachers that are organized into product categories so you can shop efficiently. We even have the option to shop by grade level.

Stick with us for affordable & high-quality teacher resources! From sturdy storage solutions to classroom management solutions and bulk supplies for the classroom, you'll be set for back to school or anytime throughout the school year. Keep your classroom organized and stocked with long-lasting essentials you can use year after year.

Get the curriculum activities that you need to make learning fun for kids of all ages. We have all of your subjects covered, from STEM-based learning to social studies, language arts and much more. We even have independent-learning supplies that you can put in your learning centers.

You will also find all the teacher awards and classroom incentives you will need to keep your students motivated throughout the year. Rewarding hard work and good behavior can certainly make a huge difference! We have everything you need for a job well done. Shop medals, award ribbons, stickers, trophies and toy assortments to make them smile!

You can depend on us to find items like classroom decorations, bulletin board sets, products to encourage active play, flip charts, posters and much more. We're proud to be your online teacher resource store and we know you'll love our selection of teaching and classroom supplies priced just right.

Teacher supplies and educational tools help to build an appealing classroom that will promote a brighter learning future. Activity books, crayons, pencils, and development tools will get kids and teachers on the right track for a successful school year.

When New York City teacher Andy Yung gets his preschoolers ready for nap time, he transforms his public school classroom into a kind of blue green cave. The glow from the new colored lanterns helps his four-year-old students feel calm.

About 94% of public school teachers, in fact, used their own money to buy school supplies in the school year ending in 2015, according to the most recent federal data. The average amount teachers spent was $478. Nationally, elementary school teachers use more of their own money, on average, than middle or high school teachers. Educators in schools with more low-income kids spend more, too. This year, with inflation, teachers either have to spend more, spend less, or ask for help, from either their schools or their communities.

The Applicious Teacher is all about creating hands-on and engaging lessons that align with the standards while still having time for your life. This is your place for ideas, tips, and resources for the REAL teacher!

Every year when school goes back into session, many teachers are left scrambling to find the right supplies for their classrooms. In many cases, these classroom supplies aren't hard to find. But it can be difficult to know which supplies are the ones that incoming students will need.

In the past, teachers often put together lists of items that students would need, but these would be limited to product categories rather than specific items. This could cause confusion and difficulties in the classroom if a child brought in an item that didn't quite fit the exact specifications the teacher had in mind. Even worse, if a parent got to the store too late, they might find that certain school supplies had already sold out and were impossible to find locally.

Luckily, Amazon is helping to turn those concerns into a thing of the past. With helpful features like lists and fast shipping, parents can get their children the right supplies whenever they're needed, ensuring that they'll have whatever they need for a successful classroom experience.

Education is a collaboration between teachers, parents and students. The greatest level of learning is only experienced when everyone is on the same page and working together to ensure each other's success. At Amazon, we know how vital it is for parents and teachers to work together. So we want to make sure that getting the right classroom supplies for your child is easy and affordable.

When there's a breakdown in communication between teachers and parents, it ultimately hurts the child most of all. Without the right supplies, they'll be unable to do all the work they need to do in the classroom. This can hamper their ability to learn and lead them to fall behind in class through no fault of their own. The features offered by Amazon make it easy for teachers to tell parents exactly what their children need to have, while making it affordable for parents.

In addition to all this, teachers and parents have to maintain communication throughout the school year. The features that Amazon brings to schools enable teachers to clearly indicate the necessary school supplies for projects throughout the year, rather than inundate parents with a huge list of products to purchase well before they are needed.

When it comes to school supplies, using Amazon Lists takes the guesswork out of buying classroom supplies for your children. Teachers can use the list function to itemize all of the items your child will need to excel in their classroom.

Even better, the use of the list function makes it convenient to get all the supplies at once. No more running around to dozens of stores to see if they have what you need. You can simply add all the items on the list to your cart and check out, turning an hours-long process into something that takes only a few minutes.

Additionally, if for some reason an item is unaffordable for you, you can actually get in touch with the teacher to find a way to make accommodations beforehand, rather than hoping that the teacher will accommodate your child without any prior discussion. But the chances you'll be short on an item are low as we do our best to get low prices on all of our products, especially for product categories that are as vital as classroom supplies.

Sometimes, you won't be able to get everything you need before school starts. If you find yourself needing to purchase additional classroom supplies for your child after they start school, there's no need to panic. Our fast shipping options mean that you'll never have to wait more than a few days to get your products. Chances are that if you notice something is missing from your list on a Thursday, you can have your classroom supplies in hand before school starts on Monday morning!

Interested in learning more about how Amazon and Amazon Business have helped teachers and parents? Check out our article about how we helped get wellness products to grade schools across the country during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep things running smoothly in the classroom with teaching and classroom supplies at prices that are kind to your budget. There are a variety of ways you can browse through the selections. You can browse based on the age and educational level of your students. You can shop for materials to assist with teaching specific topics. Or you may want to look for materials by searching through the general category of the products you need, such as paper, art supplies or calculators.

Have fun planning ways to encourage creativity for your class with the variety of craft supplies available. Crayons, colored pencils, markers and paints provide fun ways for students to add vibrant colors when making creative expressions in art class or educational posters about other subjects.

Folders and binders hold the papers your students need to stay organized for class, and they come in fun colors and a variety of styles. Filing supplies include regular and hanging file folders as well as labels so you can file and find everything you need.

School funding cuts have long hurt teachers on all corners of the globe, with some shelling out hundreds of dollars on school supplies, as well as on clothing and food for pupils from low-income households.

But has this practice been going for so long that it is now an accepted norm for public schools across many countries? One Business Insider report said US teachers spend US$500 of their own money on school supplies, such as crayons and chalk.

Based on the State of our Schools online survey, the Australian Education Union said a whopping nine in 10 public school teachers use their own money for supplies. Of this number, nearly eight out of 10 public school teachers buy stationery or classroom equipment, while nearly half of public school teachers buy library resources and textbooks.

Over in England, a survey by the NASUWT found that one in five teachers are spending their own money on classroom supplies, while nearly half say they buy food, clothes and even soap for poor pupils, reported The Guardian in April. 041b061a72

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