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What Is Samsung Smart Pause And Smart Scroll Fix

The Galaxy S 4 also supports Air Gesture, which leverages the IR gesture sensor to enable large hand gestures for UI control. You can swipe your hand in front of the smartphone to switch songs, move between tabs in the web browser, or scroll up and down a web page. You can also use Air Gesture to answer a call, which Samsung views as a good solution for SGS4 owners that have their smartphone in a car dock while driving.

What is Samsung Smart Pause and Smart Scroll

By India Today Online: Samsung Electronics Thursday said it will roll out its new flagship smartphone model Galaxy S4 in Seoul this Friday for the first time across the globe.The latest version of Samsung's Galaxy series will be available for sale to South Korean customers from Friday through three local mobile operators, including SK Telecom, KT Corp. and LG Uplus, reported Xinhua citing an e-mailed statement.The smartphone giant planned to launch the Galaxy smartphone via 327 wireless carriers, including AT&T, Vodafone and Telefonica, in 155 countries during the second quarter.The Galaxy S4, equipped with high-quality features, was expected to sell well.Global sales of the Galaxy S3 reached around 38 million units since its launch in May 2012, according to Sophia Kim, analyst with Woori Investment & Securities. The Galaxy S4 was estimated to exceed its predecessor, with its sales touching 65 million units by year-end.The new model had the 5-inch full HD AMOLED display with a resolution of 1920 by 1080, with 1.9 GHz quad-core processor and 1. 6 GHz octa-core processor depending on regions.The "Smart Pause" function would enable users to control the screen by where they look. When users are watching a video, the video pauses when they look away then it starts right up again where they are back.The new model also has a "Smart Scroll" function that would allow users to scroll the browser or emails up and down without touching the screen. It recognizes users' face looking at the screen and movement of their wrist and then scroll the pages up or down accordingly.

The successor of the most popular smartphone from the most widely adopted platform - it doesn't get much bigger than this in the mobile industry. After months of rumor frenzy and high-pitched hype, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S4 at their Unpacked event in New York.

Squeezing a larger screen of higher resolution in a more compact and lighter body, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is also the first smartphone to feature an octa-core CPU. The Exynos 5410 chipset has a set of four Cortex-A15 cores to do the heavy lifting and another quartet of power-saving Cortex-A7 cores, which handles the less physical tasks. There will be a version of the Galaxy S4, powered by a Snapdragon 600 chipset too, but we are unsure which markets will get it.

More power, a better screen, a host of new exclusive software features and a larger battery to keep it going longer - the Samsung Galaxy S4 has all the right boxes ticked to be considered a worthy successor to what many considered the uber smartphone. It also has a key advantage over its direct rivals in running on the latest Android 4.2 platform.

The second Jelly Bean release isn't an incredibly massive upgrade, but offers some cool new features that take the user experience up a notch. Of course, Samsung will be more than keen to direct your attention to its home-baked goodies like Eye-scroll and Auto pause, which surprisingly or not, work pretty well.

Besides the Smart Stay feature that debuted with Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 also featured a Smart Scroll feature which scrolled web pages automatically based on what part of the webpage the user was reading, it could also scroll emails in the Samsung Email App.

Im using the Samsung smart remote that came with The Frame. Ive made sure its successfully paired - done the thing where you press the return and pause button to confirm. The TV light does blink every time I press it but will not actually complete the function. Ive changed the batteries as well - and since the light is flashing on the remote I dont think its a remote thing. Just to clarify - all the buttons (up, down, left, right) appear to work everywhere else - in Apps and in all other TV functions which makes me think it isnt the TV remote sensor either. It is only when I click on Settings that it will let me scroll up/down on the main settings menus on the left sidebar, and move right once to the first of the sub-menu items, but wont actually let me select the sub-menu item or scroll down to other items. So for instance I can go to Settings > Picture. And then scroll right for the sub-item Picture > Picture Mode. But cant actually select Picture Mode to change it. Or cant scroll down to Picture > Expert Settings since it is the menu item under Picture Mode. I cant factory reset the TV either - because I cant access the settings to do so. I tried a version through the e-manual which takes you there directly - but then can't scroll left to select 'Yes' when asked if I want to reset even though until then, the left scroll button has not been an issue.

I used method 3. I had to hit the mute button a few times but finally it gave me a menu on the top left corner of my TV. I selected Options and then it gave me the option for Factory Reset which I did and finally I was able to scroll up and down on my submenus again. Hopefully it helps you or anyone else that runs into this problem in the future. Had 4 different samsung reps try and help me to no avail: they all thought it was a remote problem. Couldn't click the "I Agree" on the remote terms and conditions like you. Took two months to finally sort this out! Hope it helps

Im having the exact same issue on my 2019 QLED Q70R, I think there might be an issue with the smarthings app glitching out the tv. Samsung chat support is garbage, they keep saying they can't remote assist.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is filled to the rafters with extra features, like we've already discussed in yesterday's article regarding its various ''Smart'' features (Air View, Smart Scroll, Smart Pause etc), which react by voice control, eye movement, head and smartphone motion. We also discussed whether they really work in day-to-day use. In this second part, we will be taking a closer look at the camera software.

These functions remind me of HTC's Zoe, which enriches your holiday, party and concert pictures with background sounds. First off, the picture will be taken and during the few moments that follow it will take 9 seconds of background noise. The playback of this sound is only possible on your smartphone. When saving the picture, it will stored as JPG in your gallery without the sound information.

Top-end smartphones of today all have HDR mode, which means High Dynamic Range. This will give a picture a higher contrast range and is particularly useful for extra bright or darker image regions. With the S4, this mode smooths out the colors by making darker areas lighter and vice-versa. The results, as you can see below, weren't too bad, though the lighter regions became a little too dark.

This feature was already a cool option within the Galaxy S3's many modes and has now become a standard among smartphone cameras. Simply press on the trigger button and turn either left or right. The camera will then capture a 360 panorama. This works quite well, but you should make sure that there are no moving objects in your trajectory, since these will be cut out or will appear more than once.

Most smartphone cameras flop when in gets dark out. What night mode does is iron-out the picture and gets rid of image noise, which usually appears when there is minimal light and darker areas. I couldn't test this out at night, but tried it out in the terrible lighting of the elevator, where the quality was indeed noticebly improved.

I was actually quite surprised and impressed with the Galaxy S4's numerous camera options. The image quality ranges from good to very good, as is the case for most smartphone cameras. That being said, there are a few different features that are just fun to play around with, but wouldn't find their way into everday life. The dual-camera, for example, is more of a fun extra than a must-have. ''Sport'' and ''Drama'' also impressed me, though the ''Beauty Photo'' looked a tad too ironed-out. That being said, the camera in automatic mode worked so well that I might just stick to this one and play around with the filters and colors. Even if you favor the automatic photos, you're still using one of the best cameras in the smartphone world.

There are other methods to scroll (vertical movement) apart from using eyesight reading or eye tracking. For example, by tilting your head or by tilting your device to make this movement happen with the help of an accelerometer sensors. Samsung Galaxy S4 has such smart scrolling feature based on this technique. Here it is not limited to specific device/version, but this feature concept can be generic enough to be used for all possible devices where the user has to read any kind of content on any smart device.

There is still room for growth in the smartphone market despite the coming wave of wearable computing devices, and as long as it can keep pushing the envelope with Android, there is also still room for Samsung to grow as well.

To limit other forms of data collection on your LG smart TV, go back to Settings > All Settings > scroll down to General > About This TV > User Agreements > toggle Personalized Advertising to Off.

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