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[S3E1] The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation

Following his return from the North Pole, Sheldon is very excited over the prospects that his research has yielded, whereas Raj, Howard, and Leonard are just glad to be home after spending three months at the North Pole in close quarters with Sheldon. Penny is happier than all of them that Leonard has returned as she passionately kisses him after he knocks on her door. Leonard gladly returns the affection while Penny drags him into her apartment. Howard and Raj watched the greeting. Howard laments that he had not been the first to go over there. Raj sarcastically observed that it was first come-first served.After they get into apartment 4A, Howard and Raj confess to Sheldon that the positive results that he received in the Arctic was really static from an electric can opener they kept turning on and off. Furious, especially at Leonard who thought up the idea, Sheldon confronts him at Penny's, much to Leonard's dismay. Leonard explains that he did it because Sheldon was being absolutely unbearable during the expedition when he wasn't getting the results he wanted. Plans to kill him were even brought up and discussed. To make matters worse, Sheldon already contacted everyone at the university that he had positive results. Crushed that his best friend has destroyed his dreams and humiliated him, Sheldon retreats to his bedroom. Penny goes to comfort him; however, she makes Sheldon realize he also missed both Comic Con and the new Star Trek movie.

[S3E1] The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation


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