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Joseph Bennett
Joseph Bennett

Morning Of The Earth [VERIFIED]

Morning of the Earth was made to show the beauty of the ocean and surfing. To capture the spirit of surfers in nature. It's a window into the soul of surfers at a period in time that will never come again. To drive up the north coast on a winter morning pushed along by a cool sou'westerly knowing that there was a new groundswell with lines matching to the horizon was as good as life could get. The sense of freedom and lightness was beyond joy. Without a care in the world we just went surfing on empty beaches. It was a great time to be alive and the memories shared will never disappear. Always a great sense of laughter prevailed, whether it was with Nat on his farm or Baddy and Stephen at Angourie or with Chris Brock in his treehouse. To share those times with Nat, Terry, Stephen, Baddy and Michael and so many other surfers remains to this day some of my most fun filled times. I was fortunate to film them surfing and living their simple lives.

Morning of the Earth

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To his right stood 15-year-old Stephen Cooney with a board not much bigger than himself at five feet, nine inches. Cooney's head was also full of thoughts, as he explains in his autobiography Unearthed: "The villagers who gathered on the cliffs made clear their concerns about us going into the waves citing bad spirits and dangerous waters."

The other day i was at a friends house and he had a vhs copy of morning of the earth which said he got from a Califorian guy, on watching it i realise it had alot of footage that i have never seen before, and i must seen this movie 100 times over the years. Some of the footage i had heard of but ever seen that being the Nude German hippies on Kuta beach, but was also quite along segment on Brad Mayes surfing Angourie, among other bits and pieces. I was wondering if anyone else had seen this cut of the movie and whether it was available for sale. 041b061a72

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