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Joseph Bennett
Joseph Bennett

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Dicyclopentadiene, abbreviated DCPD, is a chemical compound with formula .mw-parser-output .template-chem2-sudisplay:inline-block;font-size:80%;line-height:1; .template-chem2-su>spandisplay:block; sub.template-chem2-subfont-size:80%; sup.template-chem2-supfont-size:80%;vertical-align:0.65emC10H12. At room temperature, it is a white brittle wax, although lower purity samples can be straw coloured liquids. The pure material smells somewhat of soy wax or camphor, with less pure samples possessing a stronger acrid odor. Its energy density is 10,975 Wh/l.Dicyclopentadiene is a co-produced in large quantities in the steam cracking of naphtha and gas oils to ethylene. The major use is in resins, particularly, unsaturated polyester resins. It is also used in inks, adhesives, and paints.

Tetra 4d Crack

Hydrogenation of dicyclopentadiene gives tetrahydrodicyclopentadiene, C10H16, which is a component of jet fuel JP-10,[13] and rearranges to adamantane[14][15] with aluminium chloride or acid at elevated temperature.

In addition, with NXinactive and NXaffected [Fig. 6(c)], and Eq. (3), we calculate the normalized shear modulus of the tetra-arm network G as a function of the reaction efficiency p (see details in Supplementary Material),

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