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Where To Buy Dirt Bike Tires

  • Having a good set of tires can make or break your ride. There are a few factors to take into consideration before ordering new dirt bike tires. Firstly, the terrain. Much like ATV/UTV tires, dirt bike tires are constructed to handle different types of riding. The terrains of dirt bike tires are:Soft

  • Intermediate

  • Hard

  • Sand

where to buy dirt bike tires

I see tires on craigslist a couple of times a month from guys who just put a few races on a tire and then take it off. Most times there's still 90 or 95% tread left and you can get the tire for half price or less. Since they're riding in your area the tires are usually good tread patterns for where ever you are riding. If you don't need a tire immediately I suggest you do this.

Perhaps the easiest way to figure out what size of tire to buy is by replicating the size that is already on your bike. If you are content with the performance of your old dirt bike tires, then all you have to do is look at the sidewall of the old tires, and using your newfound knowledge, find out what size is on there and then order a tire that you want, that matches the size of the old one. This method works great, however there is one snag with it, if you bought the bike used you may be unsure if the previous owner put the correct size tire on in the first place. So another option you can use is to look in the dirt bike manual, contact a shop, or research online what the stock rims and tire size on your bike should be. If they do not match, you may want to change them back depending on preference of course.

Surprisingly to some, soft terrain dirt bike tires are made of a quite hard rubber compound as the lugs do not need to form to the ground, instead the ground seems to fall in and form around the lugs.

There are a mass amount of brands out there that all produce great dirt bike tires. Some are better than others in certain categories so research the type of riding you are doing for some good recommendations. An example would be Goldentyre creating the best soft compound tires, the soft rubber sticks to rocks like crazy making it very popular with extreme and hard enduro riders. Metzeler is another great brand, especially for regular enduro races.

Finally, you can buy from a local motorcycle/dirt bike dealership. This will support your local economy, save you from shipping costs, and it may even open new doors. Often when speaking to dealers you start to build a relationship. This can lead to sponsorship in the future, knowledge of new places to ride or even new friends that share the same interest in dirt bikes.

Similar to car tires, dirt bike tires come in a pretty wide price range. Mini bike and low quality tires can start as low as $25 (which I would never recommend buying) and go up as high as $350+ for high quality or specialty tires such as studded winter tires.

Cheap dirt bike tires are often priced low as a result of the lack of investment into the design of the tire. Cheap tires feature rubber compounds that do no last very long or provide very poor performance. As a result of the lack of time spent designing the tires, the lug patterns are usually quite simple and get clogged with dirt quite easily.

The exact opposite is a high quality dirt bike tire. Although you will spend more than the cheaper alternative, your performance gains over the cheaper tire will be well worth it. High quality tires have very special compounds that are designed specifically for a certain type of riding. These compounds can be soft or hard depending on what the tire is designed for. The lug are very well spaced, sometimes with small ridges down them that allow for the lug to fold a small amount for more traction. Everything in a high performance tire gets thought about, and as a result will be much better than any cheap tire out there.

Choosing the correct dirt bike tires for you can be a difficult task without knowing about the topic itself. Armed with the knowledge from this article, you should feel comfortable in purchasing a set of dirt bike tires that will perform well and keep putting a smile on your face!

Pirelli is typically a tire brand associated with high performance machines. Personally, I always think of the Pirelli sport winter tires that I put on my car. They are amazing! However, I am not on motocross advice to talk about car tires, I am here to talk about Pirelli dirt bike tires.

It has excellent self-cleaning properties thanks to its widely spaced knobs and the paddle like tread on the rear will ensure that your bike will dig deep for traction. Unlike a lot of soft terrain tires, the grip on flatter, harder corners is still there. These tires are great for those who like to push when the ground gets loose.

This is essentially the same tire as what I just described above. Only this time, it is for mini bikes! You can find these tires for bikes from 50cc to 100cc. This is a great option for those just riding for fun or weekend warriors.

There are a ton of ways to ride a dirt bike. Trials may be one of the most unique. This calls for a special set of tires that will provide grip in a totally different way than a conventional motocross tire.

If you are interested to read more about best quality motocross tires, then make sure you also read my fresh reviews on Michelin StarCross dirt bike tires; Bridgestone Battlecross Motocross Tires; Maxxis Maxxcross Dirt Bike Tires;

The rear tire is a great versatile tire that works well in every condition we tested it on. The 24 Hour race course offered rocky canyons, hard pack slick single track and roads, bottomless silt, a well prepped MX track, mud, and pavement. Everyone on the team was pleased with the rear tire as it always provided a good amount of traction and resisted breaking loose under hard acceleration as good as anything we have used here before. In addition, when you wanted to slide the rear end around, it allows you to do so easily and with control. We found this to be very helpful in some of the tighter single track trails where we could easily make sharper turns with brake sliding. Likewise, at high speeds, the tires had excellent straight-line stability, even on the pavement. Also, when turning on the pavement, the rear end never wanted to step out or break free uncontrollably.

Changing a dirt bike tire can seem intimidating, but most riders with a little mechanical aptitude and access to a few tools can complete the project unscathed. In this video, our experts show you how to change a dirt bike tire.

We hope this article has helped you learn how to change dirt bike tires and save you both time and money! The more tools you get, the easier the task will be, so it is worth considering investing in the gear. Let us know how your first tire change went and if you faced any unexpected challenges.

No more flats! Slime Tube Sealant seeks out and instantly seals punctures in your tubes up to 1/8" (3mm). Install in your bicycles, dirt bikes, wheelbarrows, riding mowers and more, and enjoy two years of continuous flat tire protection.

Pirelli dirt bike & motocross tires are specifically designed for off-road use and are suitable for all types of terrain: soft, medium and hard. They are the most appropriate solution for mud, gravel, clay soils, rocks, and desert sand.

Dirt bike tires typically last for around 4 years or 200 to 300 miles before they need to be replaced. However, this can vary depending on the type of terrain you ride on and how you ride your dirt bike.

A dirt bike tube can last anywhere from 6 months to a few years, depending on how often you ride and how well you take care of your bike. If you ride regularly and keep your bike in good condition, your tubes should last several years.

If you own a dirt bike, there will reach a time when you will need to replace the tires. And as you may have probably noticed, changing a dirt bike tire can prove to be a laborious and time-consuming process.

So, what exactly is a dirt bike tire changing stand? As its name suggests, a dirt bike tire changer is a machine that you can use to remove tires and install new ones. Some of the benefits of investing in a motorcycle tire changing stand include:

The best dirt bike tire changes come with adjustable stands. Hence, you can easily customize their working height, to suit your preferred comfort levels. As you may have experienced, applying force when changing a tire in a hunched, unnatural position can lead to serious back issues. So, if you change several dirt bike tires every day, buying a dirt bike tire changer will be a worthwhile investment.

Changing tires is a beast and having the right stand really helps speed up the job and also makes it easier. No matter if you are installing mouse bibbs or standard dirt bike tubes having a tire changing station is so nice!

If you work in a motorbike repair shop and you usually experience back pain at the end of your workday, this dirt bike tire changer can help to minimize such issues. This motorcycle tire changing stand comes with an adjustable frame, meaning you can adjust it to any height, meaning you no longer have to change tires while hunched.

Assembling and disassembling this motorcycle tire changing stand is an easy and fast process. Therefore, you can use it at home, at the shop or even carry it with you when you are going outdoors. Overall, this is a great dirt bike tire changer, which will be highly reliable for your tire changing needs.

The Rabaconda dirt bike tire changer is designed to offer the easiest and fastest tire-changing process. So, if you usually change several bike tires in a day or you develop a flat and you are in a hurry, then this Rabaconda tire changer is just what you need.

The Moose Racing Mousse Bib tire changer is the ideal dirt bike tire changer for those who change motorbike tires frequently. According to the manufacturer, it will only take you a few minutes to change a dirt bike tire with this tool. 041b061a72

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