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Joseph Bennett
Joseph Bennett

The Benefits and Features of Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe for Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Series

Thanks for the reply, but it had nothing to do with the audigy or its drivers. I came to the conclusion that Windows XP (both 32 bit or 64 bit versions) have some kind of problem, with AMD dual core CPUs (the older 939 socket ones). I did everything I could do. I installed Windows XP SP3, and it would still freeze at startup.

Audigy SupportPack 3 6.exe

Dear Audigy pack 3.6 users,I have been following daniel_k support packs for over a year.I am an audigy 1 platinium SB0090 user, and I have bought DDL pack a few weeks ago.I am using Windows 7 32 bit and I had the trouble of finding the proper software pack in win7 with the DDL pack.

Very strange that it seems noone is interested in the fix, which most of the audigy users suffered until now under vista and windows 7.It really works guys.Try and send your feedbacks so lets see how it behaves on different systems.

2.1 Download and install 7-Zip version 9.20 for 32-bit Windows (it works fine on Win98)2.2 Download the Audigy2 ZS driver CD ISO2.3 Use 7-Zip to extract the contents of the "Audigy_2_ZS_Install_CD.7z" to C:\AU1 2.4 After that, right click on "C:\AU1\Audigy 2 ZS Install CD.iso" > 7-Zip > Extract Here to unpack the contents of the ISO image (it may report some errors with CHM files but that's ok)2.5 Download the Audigy DOS support package2.6 Extract the contents of audigy2-dospack.rar to C:\AU2 (note: it appears that this archive was created with a newer version of WinRAR, you may need to unpack it on your modern computer)

Managed to get the bugger workingBasically I had to set the emulation to IRQ7 as my card was forcing IRQ5 this got rid of the conflictThen it wouldn't load the drivers....So I had to change the CTSYN.ini to point to the drivers in the DOSDrv folder. After that it works in DOS mode only after loading the audigy12 patchJust need to set up the mouse and the MSCDEX in dos now and hopefully jobs a good un.

I have managed to rectify my issues now, I could not get the SB16 emulator to work in MS Dos running through windows at all. I swapped the audigy 2 zs out for a spare standard audigy 2 and followed your guide but using the audigy 2 driver disc and it works flawlessly in win98 for both Roland and soundblaster with cd audio too.

First of all i need to say, that this forum and all community all around retro computing and gaming returns me to younger ages and I starts to think about to build some retro machines based on win98 & win xp from parts, that i have around just to return back and to play some good old games ? (and to feel a pain, like in old times ?). Surprisingly it was Extreme Assault game, which force me to do this after i saw it on yt ?. So almost 2 weeks i tried to get my Audigy 2 (no ZS) work in win-dos mode games, and it was a really pain, i downloaded 2 versions of Audigy 2 CD iso images, dos drivers, drivers from many pages, make a many reinstalls, found a good utility, which clears rest from drivers, i saw a lot of videos, read a lot before of course on google and forums, tried even audigy 1 drivers etc... but all the time I stuck on problem like many others, that win cannot make that emulation works (yellow triange). And for all of this i want to say THANKS YOU!

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