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Joseph Bennett
Joseph Bennett

Bulk Buy Hot Chocolate

As a child, I drank ordinary hot chocolate. As my tastes developed, I longed for a deeper and richer hot chocolate. Unable to find such a delicacy, I decided to formulate quality hot chocolates that were light on the tongue, yet rich in flavor and bold in character. I challenge you to savor the moment and enjoy all of my quality blends.

bulk buy hot chocolate

Description: Finally, hot chocolate that doesn't suck. Our hot chocolate contains pieces of our chocolate bars, and locally harvested sea salt from Alaska's Prince William Sound, resulting in a super-smooth, chocolaty drink.

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate (unsweetened chocolate processed with alkali, sugar, cocoa butter, sunflower lecithin), Cocoa processed with alkali, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Salt.

Absolutely! Just put it in the refrigerator. I save leftovers all of the time of the actual hot chocolate in the refrigerator when I make it at home and just warm up what I need that day for my kids. ?

Last year, we complete your hot chocolate activity as a book. I took a picture of each student supplying hot chocolate and included it in their book. What a hit! I included it in our annua open house and the parents loved it!

I LOVE Tim Hortons hot chocolate. Some might call it an obsession; I like to call it devotion. I live in Manhattan where I never had access to my secret (or not-so-secret) love. My dad would joke that Manhattan had almost everything. Everything except Tim Hortons. It was sad but true. When I go home to Ohio I make multiple runs for Tim Hortons hot chocolate and have to restrain myself from going several times a day. When I go on weekend road trips with my friends I INSIST that we stop at any Tim Hortons I see. My story isn't as much of a road trip story as a street trip story. This morning, I was walking down Seventh Avenue on my way to work when all of a sudden a box caught my eye. A man was walking with a donut box that had a Tim Hortons label. I had to do a double-take to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. I immediately started craving hot chocolate (despite the 80-degree weather at 9am) and wonder A) where he's visiting from that he brought the donuts and B) if it would be completely inappropriate for me to follow him and try to snag one. Well, as I round the corner to 50th Street I see two police men each with a Tim Hortons cup. I'm sure my eyes widened to twice their normal size. Then further down the street I see an entire flock of people each with a Tim Hortons! I start looking around and wondering what in the world is going on (it was kind of like I was caught in some sort of strange version of the movie Pleasantville) and then someone handed me a flier for a free coffee and donut from Tim Hortons! (Im hoping they'll let me have hot chocolate instead because I don't drink coffee, but if not, I'll still buy a hot chocolate anyway!) Apparently, several Tim Hortons locations are opening up in Manhattan. And one of them is only a block from my office. It was such a great start to the week and I was so excited the Christmas-morning, first day of Kindergarten kind of excited. Now Manhattan really does have everything!

A must have addition to your bulk food storage is the BULK BUY - British Army Ration Pack - Hot Chocolate Sachets x 200. This box of hot chocolate powders offer great value for money as well as ensuring you will never run out of your favourite hot beverage. Not only that, these hot chocolate powders have a 20+ year shelf life as were originally for the British Military.

Imagine the most comforting, cosy chocolate drink. Every sip is a step towards your protein goals. Seriously? Absolutely. Introducing our Collagen Hot Chocolate. Created to give you pleasure and power in one. Smooth, velvety chocolate and a punchy 20g protein per cup. This really is next-level nutrition. 041b061a72

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