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Joseph Bennett
Joseph Bennett

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It appears that the Web Page View component is sourced from the SimHub PC and then sent to the WiFi device, which could create some performance issues for your SimHub/Sim racing PC if the web page view is streaming media. What would probably work best for streaming web pages is to have the web page running on a separate tab or in a separate browser on your WiFi device, rather than encapsulating it in your dashboard.

Browse SimHub

Are you a Wicked Whims Patreon? Have you ever made a SimHub account and wondered why you can only post but not browse the site as well? I originally suggested this to Turbo himself, however, after making it I realized I could just create it myself. So here I am. If he does use my suggestion - I will be repurposing this specifically for Sex Addict as this idea was originally for it.

I have SimHub running on my main Sim PC and I have a small Intel NUC PC that is connected to an 11" display that I use for my SimHUB Dashboards. On the NUC I can start the Chrome web browser via a custom short cut with the following target info :-

Another small and cheap LCD option, it behaves in a similar way as USBD480, but with a speed limitation, redrawing the whole screen takes about 0.5s, but simhub is redrawing only changed parts, it allows to get a really nice result as long as the whole screen does not get redrawn at once.

Using a simple laptop/remote computer you can display any simhub dashboard as if it was running on a phone/tablet, simply follow the same instructions as if you were using a phone/tabletPros

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If the very first step is working (Opening :8888 on your computer browser) but the following solutions did not helps, it probably means you have a network misconfiguration. In this case please review your network setup, each case can be really specific (wifi access point configured as a gateway instead of simple access point ...) and you may need to refer to your network hardware manual.

Make sure to do it when game is running as simhub has roles affected to pages (when in game or out of game/idle)When no page is defined in the dash for the current mode, Simhub will lock the dash to the first page available. 041b061a72

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